Meet the Chef


Photo Cr: Inside Business

My name is Benjamin Jones.  I am a trained chef and an enthusiastic foodie.  For years I have been whipping up healthy meals for my family and friends…and for years they have asked why I don’t turn my passion into a business.  Now, I have…

I started my culinary career when I was eighteen years old. I fell in love with the industry and never looked back. I started as a waiter and was eager to learn everything about the restaurant business.  Shortly afterwards, I was accepted into the esteemed New England Culinary Institute. During the program, I held two externships, one in Napa Valley and one in Boston, and earned my Associates in Culinary Arts, graduating a Chef.  After culinary school, I received my business degree with a focus in hospitality from the prestigious Cornell University.

After school, I traveled the world, preparing food for notable dignitaries and celebrities at London’s Dorchester Hotel; spearheading the food and beverage department at Chicago’s Four Seasons Hotel; and managing some of NYC’s busiest and trendiest restaurants.  Virginia Beach is now home, where I am the proud father of two beautiful daughters and married to a loving wife, Christine (AKA Cip).

My wife inspired me to start Boxed Gourmet - I would cook all of her meals for the week on my day off, so that she could eat nutritiously all week long.  She loved that she could go into the fridge and choose a different meal every day to bring to work, and another for dinner (while I was working at the restaurant!).  I started thinking of all the busy families and professionals who don’t have time to cook, but want to eat healthy. 

I love to cook, and helping people eat well-balanced, delicious meals – well, that fills my heart with joy. It's The Reason I got into this business!